Hybrid vehicle repair used to be “dealer-only”, but not anymore. We have a specialized mechanic to work on our hybrid vehicles.

Amateurs should never work on hybrids because of the high-voltage lines running through the vehicle.

Come and see us, and let us work on your hybrid.

Hybrids typically need fewer oil changes than gasoline vehicles, but hybrids still need maintenance. And your batteries need to be in tip-top shape.

Brakes often last longer too, but the brakes still need to work properly.

Spark plugs may need more attention than you’re used to. That’s okay—we’ll make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to.

We love hybrids because they are so much better for the environment. Bring us your hybrids that need maintenance or repair.

Company is always happy to talk to you about hybrid vehicles. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions that you may have or to make an appointment.