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A mechanic can be a car owner's best friend or worst nightmare. When car problems arise, people depend heavily on their mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue in as little time as possible. They expect mechanics to work and ethically. To be a great mechanic, you should have the following qualities, Great mechanics are able to relate to customers. They are able to communicate with them, put them at ease about the diagnosis & repair suggestions.

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I had a pre-purchase inspection done here and they saved me from buying a car that would end up costing me 3-5k in repairs, and that's not counting a potential transmission problem and a catylitic converter that was on its way out, for anyone that doesn't know.. catylitic converters are VERY expensive to fix.
John Carter
Your Company service was amazing!!! Not only were they very professional, honest, efficient but also their services were priced fairly. I had been taking my car to the dealer for years however now that the warranty is expired on my car and it's a bit older, the repairs from the dealers were astronomical.
Richard Cage